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Reach some of the most influential people in the industry and help support the growth of aquafeed through education and information.


"Knowledge is power" -  Francis Bacon

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June 12, 2019, Cologne Germany




Did you know?

  • More tons of seafood are farmed than beef? 
  • More seafood is farmed than caught? 
  • Aquafeed production is expanding at rates far beyond any other feed sector? 
  • Aquaculture continues to lead the growth in animal production?
  • Can you afford to be left behind?
The continuing growth of aquaculture is no secret, but the technical and scientific know-how is far from simple. Consider the physical and nutritional demands of feed for differing aquatic environments, feeding habits, and sizes of the hugely diverse range of aquatic species farmed today  and the complexity of producing aquafeeds becomes clear. 

On top of this, the industry is seeking sustainable protein alternatives, cheaper carb sources and new functional ingredients, so we see algal products, insects, co-products from biofuel production and other novel ingredients becoming available. They hold the promise of helping the aquafeed manufacturer be environmentally responsibility, and achieve production efficiency and profitability – but do we know their processing and formulation implications?

Brought to you by the industry’s  knowledge communicator,, the Aquafeed Horizons Conferences arm delegates with the latest advances in our industry to meet head on the challenges facing this sector. 


Who attends Aquafeed Horizons?

Major feed companies represented at Aquafeed Horizons in Europe: Alf Sahal, Morocco, BioMar, Denmark, EWOS, Norway, Havsbrún, Faroe Islands, Kauno  Grūdai, Lithuania, Laxa Feedmill, Iceland, Le Gouessant Aquaculture, France, Los Fiordos, Chile, Raisio, French Guiana, Ridley Corporation, Australia, Salmofood, Chile, Salmones Antartica, Chile, Skretting, Norway and Chile, Zabeel Feedmill-Meydan, UAE - and many more.
Our conference in Asia has been attended by: Austral, Betagro, Cargill, Ridley,  Greenfeed Vietnam, Lai THieu, Charoen Pokphand Foods, CP Vietnam Corporation, De Heus, TRF Feedmill Corp, Devi Seafoods, DHI, EWOS, Fwu Sow, Gold Coin, Greenfeed, Guangdong Maritech, Inteqc, Skretting, Le Gouessant, Matahari Sakti, National Prawn Company, PT Central Proteinaprima, PT Cibadak Indah Sari Farm, PT Gold Coin, PT Japfa Comfeed, Thai Union Feedmill, Thailuxe, Tom Boy Aquafeed, TRF Feed Mill, United Feeding Co., Vitarich, Woo Sung Feed, Zabeel Feedmill - and many more!



Optimization of the use of lipids in aquaculture diets 

Nicola Tallarico, Regional Director EMENA - Kemin AquaScience

A microalgal oil containing EPA+DHA as a source of omega 3 in aquaculture species

Ester Santigosa, Senior Scientist Aquaculture, DSM Nutritional Products France

Modelling tools to evaluate aquafeeds

Luís Conceição, Sparos Lda

Early life nutrition – producing quality fry

Tania De Wolf,  Inve Aquaculture Research Center 

Improving water quality through feed

John Mollison, Prairie AquaTech 


Practical realities associated with micro pellet production

Dana Nelson, Aquafeed Specialist, Extru-Tech, Inc.

Insects as a substitute for fishmeal: Influence on the extrusion process and the product properties of carp feed

Julian M. Foerster, Application Technician, Brabender GmbH & Co. KG

IoP: Leveraging people, process, and platforms to maximize aquafeed production 

Paul D. McKeithan, Head of Digital Services, Bühler Aeroglide

Key leading indicator best practices in the extrusion/drying process

Charles Engrem, Director of Aquafeed Process, Wenger Manufacturing

Optimal design and processing of aquafeed

Robert Strathman, President, Famsun-USA Design and Engineering

Extruded aquafeed quality management; relationship between technology and extruded aquafeed quality

Thomas Ellegard Mohr, Sales Director, ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel

Process optimization in aquafeed, a challange with fluctuation in raw material qualities and formulations

Daniel Stoffner, Product Manager, Bühler AG