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"Knowledge is power" -  Francis Bacon

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 A technical workshop during the 13th International Aquaculture Forum (Foro Internacional de Acuicultura)

(In Spanish and English) 


September 27, 2018 . Guadalajara, Mexico


El taller, con una duracion de medio dia, será dirigido por el Dr. Alberto Tacon y presentado por un equipo de expertos de talla internacional.

Está enfocado a: procesadores, nutricionistas, gerentes y técnicos de plantas de alimentos balanceados, proveedores de bienes y servicios para la industria de alimentos acuícolas, y productores de peces y camarones interesados en obtener un mejor entendimiento de la producción de alimentos acuícolas. 


This half-day workshop will be led by Dr. Albert Tacon and presented by a team of international experts.

It is focused on: processors, nutritionists, managers and technicians of feed plants, suppliers of goods and services for the aquafeed industry, and producers of fish and shrimp interested in obtaining a better understanding of the production of aquafeeds 


Brought to you by the industry’s knowledge communicator,, the Aquafeed Horizons series of conferences has been arming delegates with the latest processing and formulation solutions to help keep ahead of the trends and changes in the industry since 2006. The conference focuses on practical information related to advances in formulation and processing. Aquafeed Horizons has become a recognized event in the calendar for commercial aquafeed manufacturers.  

Aquafeed Workshop Mexico 2018







Session 1:


Extrusion Applications - Optimal Design and Quality Management of Aquafeed

Robert Strathman, President, Famsun-USA Design and Engineering.


What you should know about producing both floating and sinking feeds

Dana Nelson, Market Development - Aquaculture Specialist, Extru-Tech, Inc.


Advanced Process Technologies for Micro Feed Production

Spencer Lawson, Process Technologist, Wenger Manufacturing Inc.


Session 2: 


Biosecure Shrimp Feeds and On-Farm Feeding Strategies

Albert GJ Tacon, Ph.D., Aquaculture Nutrition & Feed Expert, Aquatic Farms Ltd.


Functional Feeds, Strategy for Reduction of Risks and Diseases in Aquaculture Under Challenging Times

Gilberto Hernandez-Gonzales, Aquaculture Manager N&CA, Nutriad


The Use of Specifically Selected Probiotics in Shrimp Mariculture

Bart R. Dunsford, Ph.D., PAS., Business Development Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition


Program subject to change